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Friday, March 30, 2007

Youth T's

I like the ideas some of you have posted about youth t-shirts. This is another "Give me your opinion" post. Let's have some ideas. Anything goes (must be appropriate). Ideas, ideas, ideas!!! Bring 'em on!


Heather Feather said...

ok so i love the idea of youth t-shirts...i think they should say like its our time now on the front (b/c of 7.25) and just like a huge clock that says 7:25 on the back or something...i dunno i'll have to think about it some more... lol

TexasBelle3072 said...

Our time now sounds too much like our class ring logo this year!! NO!!! I really like Ayrian's CRAZY idea about having a baseball tee navy blue and that says SUPER SHEEP and on the back it would have a silver cape that has a punching hand and says powernite and then Matthew 7:25 at the bottom

preacherman23 said...

bro andrew im all 4 youth group t-shirts and i think it would be really cool and everyone would be for it. Like we talked about making it a theme with like fire and a catchy phrase. And also maybe have our name or nickname on it like on the sleeve or at the top or something. But ill definitely buy one and wear it and advertise!!!


Jessica said...

I like the idea of the names oont the top of the back, i really want our shirts to have something to do with fire because we are on fire for God, ive really been thinking about it and nothing has really came to mind so if any of yall have and ideas about fire i think it will be awesome!!!!!

shewhohasredhair said...

well if yall do get these shirts together,i soooo want one.yall are still my youth group because the church i go to here is so small it doesnt even have one.
as for a phrase for the t-shirts that have to with fire,jessica,it could be like:
haha or:
(and or hope)


Anonymous said...

I think it should have a pic of 7.25 metal signs on the front and on the back say ignite in firey letters!

Jessica said...

oooo i really lijke these ideas about fire, it kinda represents our group i several ways, hey michaela ive been missing you soooo much i still wish you were here i guess we can talk through the blog lol. Love you

shewhohasredhair said...

aww i miss you too jessica!
i miss everyone.i really wish i could be home.they do things here so differently.cant wait to get back home and tell yall all about it.its really been something.lol


Kim said...

I like Tied Dye T-shirts,I think their prett cool.

shewhohasredhair said...

thats because you're old and you dont know any better.
haha j/k


Kassie Dutton said...

i think they should definitely say super sheep somewhere...but i'm old too, so what does my opinion matter....lol

Jessica said...

Kassie i had that in mind to. I thought about the super man emblem and puuting the face of a sheep in the middle and then on the back it would say super sheep.....I think itd be funny, but im still stickin with a fire theme....