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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ok...Now I'm aggrevated!!!

Why is the "Know the Future" section messed up??????????????????????????????????????
I have tried to fix it and it refuses to be fixed!!! I will now calmly stand up and hurl this laptop across the room.

This will probably undo what I said in the previous post. You know about adding stuff.

And may God richly bless you, and curse computers.


Jessica said...

Ok take a deep breath and count to 10 i think you'll be ok, put the computer down and step away......Lol ya my computer aggrevates me to, mostly because i live in boonyville and have to have dial up...Joy......i dislike it very much so......are you still aggrevated?..........see ya tonight!

Linda Elms said...

Hope you can forgive the computer for it's mistakes. Sometimes life isn't frustrating enough, so the computer has to irritate us! Poor mistreated PILE OF JUNK! "Oh well"....

AimiBelle said...

And the headline reads: "Mad Man Hurls PC into Oblivion"

Okay, maybe not oblivion...probably the neighbor's back yard at the most...

So...I had this underground support group for those of us who hate computers...it was called "Complicators Anonymous"...and basically what we did was stare at piles of electronically unsound and completely contrary devices and determined that we REALLY hated the confounded things.

Unfortunately, treatment was uneffective...therefore the group has been shut down by the likes of computer nerds (like my dad and sister) and I have thus learned to make myself "one" with the computer...

(In other words, the last time I yelled at the computer, I got this "look" from my dad, who promptly threatened to "take me out" if I did it again, and my sister showed me [or tried to]what was what)

Chin up Bro Andrew...it'll work for ya at some point!!!

"Through Christ all things are possible"... :)

Anonymous said...

Old Chinese proverb say:

"A technical device, such as a computer, only answers the wills of its owner/operater at the given time."

pretty much that means:

"A computer only does what you tell it to do, so maybe you shoul dbe frustrated at yourself for your poor skills and lack of knowledge on the computer!

lol im jk!

but no really

Anonymous said...

Hey yall!!! Its Ayrian by the way and I just wanted to say that I miss all yall and I love all yall soooooo much that I just go crazy without seeing yall at least once a week. But....thanks to Brother Andrew I wont be seeing you till next Friday. (Just kidding I love you Brother Andrew!) Anyways I just wanted yall to know I love yall!

preacherman23 said...

hey bro andrew i hate computers 2 and that they aggravate me very much but i just was not blessed with computer literacy lol. You'll be fine tlk to u later

Jessica said...

wow yall are funny.....im computer challenged as well but i think im gettin the hang of it...lol

Andrew Elms said...

I forgot that at the time I was using a desktop and not my laptop. Fortunately for the blog, a desktop is much harder to hurl than a laptop. You have to undo all kinds of wires, the monitor, speakers...Anyway, the blog is safe for the moment.

viking said...

hey brother andrew, i know exactly how you feel. i am not good with computers. my name and the word computer never pop up in the same sentence. so what i am trying to say is. if you want to hearl that computer across the room then fire at will. i would do the same but i ould be cast out for all eternity by my loving family. talk to staci about why it wont fix. she is very good with this kind of stuff